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- The SKY Magazine Interview -
(About Barb Wire)

Pamela Anderson is pregnant. Very pregnant. Yet despite her very pregnant and very married state, there's not a diamond rock in sight, just that infamous Tommy tattoo in tiny blue letters on her wedding finger. When we meet, Pammy is dressed head to toe in a white lace maternity dress -- with not a hint of cleavage on show -- and knee-length patent leather boots. Her hair is piled on top of her head in a kind of unkempt haystack that looks like it took her all of three seconds to construct. Four graduating shades of blonde poke through the pile-up, from beach-blonde to decidedly darker roots. It's another stinking hot LA spring afernoon and Pammy is in good form -- giggly and eager to talk -- probably because we're not here to talk about Baywatch, but her new role in Barb Wire, a film based on a cartoon strip. In it, Pammy gets to make some jokes and ride a motorcycle quite a lot. It's a gutsy, ballsy role and she took it by her manager (who is now incidentally her ex-manager). But Pamela took on look at the script and thought -- and I quote -- "Absofrigginlutely!"

Will Barb Wire prove to people that there's more to Pamela Anderson than her chest?
I think people will be surprised because Barb Wire is a far cry from CJ on Baywatch. I don't think anyone's going to be robbing my house anytime soon!

What about all these stories we read about your private life?
Well, you're from England so you must have read all those terrible tabloid stories. Stories there are so sensational that there's really nothing you can do except laugh. I've seen a few of them myself and I was like: "WHAAT?" I hope people get a good laugh out of that tabloid stuff, because they've go to know it's not true.

How much of the real Pamela Anderson do we see?
There's no way I set out to be a certain kind of symbol -- the way I dress is the way I am, is the way I live my life. I'm not trying to be anything that I'm not. I enjoy what I do. I enjoy my life to the fullest, I've always been like that. My old manager used to say, "You should be doing these kinds of movies and this kind," and I said, "Who are you talking to?" I'm lucky to do any movie. At this point in my career, this is just a great opportunity.

How tough are you?
I think this business is very tough. Barb Wire is very tough, she gets what she wants. She's ruthless in a lot of ways, she has her tactics and she uses everything she has to the maximum. It's kind of the way you have to be in this business and so I just kind of looked at it shooting down ex-managers, ex-lawyers, ex-accountants...

...and journalists?
Oh yeah, definately, you guys and the paparazzi.

What scares you?
Well, in this film, they hung me 80 feet in the air with a crane and there was this car and a motorcycle scrunched together and the bad guy and me were having a huge fight. I did do my own stunts and I'm afraid of heights. There's a point where I fall off the car and I'm dangling. That's all me. There's another where I'm hanging of the edge of a helicopter. That was scary.

The costumes probably don't, er, hold too much in do they?
One of my biggest worries the whole time was that I was going to fall out of the costumes. Fortunately, I didn't, I had this corset that made my waist 17 inches and I had these stiletto heels. Trying to kickbox in that outfit, let me tell you, nothing wanted to move.

Are you bothered about your performance being slagged off?
Well, it's my first feature... I've been on television for four years and I think I've learned a lot on the show. It's very difficult on Baywatch: if the scene is in focus, they print it. You get one shot. On the movie, I get a few tries on things so that was kind of fun. It was hard, though -- I worked 18-hour days. You can only be as good as the story, the director, the editor and all the other people involved. There are so many components. All I did was help tell the story but there are so many dimensions to the movie. I think it's great but it's really out of my hands. I'm very happy with it and I just hope people like it.

Do you object being called a babe?
Personally, I don't mind. My husband calls me "Babe" and I haven't shot him yet.

Were the Baywatch people pissed off when you showed up on the set with the Barb Wire tattoo?
Oh no, they just cover it up. I don't think I could make Baywatch mad at me because they're like my family. They've been really good for me. They're totally supportive of my marriage, my pregnancy and this movie. They're wonderful people and it's such a pleasure to work on the show. I can't wait to get back.

And are you planning to get any more tattoos?
No, I wanted to get my belly button pierced but I thought it would look funny while I'm pregnant. Tommy is saving a big place over his heart, though, for a family tattoo.

Is it true that Tommy has a Pamela tattoo on his willy?
I'n not allowed to tell you because I got in trouble for that. He said: "Look, will you stop talking about my penis!" I always end up talking about Tommy's penis.

We'll take that as a "Yes" then.
Weeeeell... [giggles]

Has money made you happy?
Well, I had kind of a poor upbringing and my mother and father used to say "Oh, if we only had money, if we only had this, everything would be better." I started to think that way too. I used to think: "Boy, if we only had money, everyone would be happy." And then you realise that to make money there's a certain innocence you have to give up. You really have to sacrifice a lot, and I would not wish that on my familly at all. People take advantage of you -- I've learnt this. I came here by myself, from Canada to Los Angeles, without my family, without any business people in my life, coming to do photos for Playboy and signing my life away every time I did anything. You don't realise what you're signing or doing and you have a naivity about you until you get screwed, or someone doesn't pay you and suddenly they're holding you to ransom. You realise you're in this cut-throat business and you have to survive somehow, so all of a sudden you become this business woman. You have to be mean to people and start demanding things. It's difficult, very difficult.

How did you start out?
I never intended to be in the business. I was in Vancouver at a football game and someone asked me to pose for Playboy. My boyfriend at the time said: "Absolutely not!" The worst thing you can do is tell me NOT to do something.

So did you dump him?
Yeah, but that came afterwards. Playboy wanted me to fly to Los Angeles and shoot me for the cover. They said: "If we like the shots, we'll print them. If not, well, thank you for coming." So I did it and told them to phone me when they knew for sure. And I hung up. I thought: "It's all up to fate now. If they call me back and want me to be on the cover, great." I said to my boyfriend: "If they don't, I'll stay here and be miserable with you for the rest of my life and you can tell me at for all these stupid things."

Can you walk anywhere without being recognised?
Not so much anymore. I love it when little kids come up to me and they're dressed like little CJs. I get a real kick out of that.

Is it true you have a swing at home which you sit on naked while Tommy plays the piano?
Oh yes. I'm still going on my swing.

Do you ever wish you could have some privacy?
I just wish there were times when you could shut it off -- where you're in the hospital, or sick, or when you're trying to resolve some of your own personal issues and there are people around you all the time. That's when you miss privacy. But you do have to realise that when you're in the business, this is what happens. I'm grateful for what I do and I know it's all part of the business, that sacrifice you make. It's not really a sacrifice, though, it's part of your work that people want to know about your personal life.

What's the worst intrusion?
I feel bad going anywhere, because I think people must look at us and go: "Ugh, it's them! I can't believe they're here. I've heard about them way too much."

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