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"The Late Show" Interview

To promote her job as the new co-host of MTV's Singled Out, Carmen Electra went on a couple of TV talkshows. On 27 February 1997, she was a guest in Letterman with David Letterman.

[nasty laugh] What's the deal, Prince discovered you or something?

You worked with Prince? You were in his band, you were in a band he started? What happened?
He was starting an all-girls band and he was looking for... females... obviously...

[laughs] That guy is shrewd.
So he... so he approached me and asked me if I could sing or dance. I said yes.

You were dancing professionally then?
Yeah, I've been dancing since I was 5 years old.

Oh really? What kind of stuff -- I mean I guess we know what kind of stuff, but alright.
Booty shake.

And he sees you and he says, "You want to be in the band", and uh...
Well, I auditioned for the band and then I didn't hear from him for two months, so I assumed that he didn't like me and that I wasn't very talented, and I was very sad about it.

Again, this is like what David Schwimmer was talking about: it's a very fragile existence for performers and entertainers.
And then he called me two months later and he said, "You know, I think you should go solo. I wrote you a song." He asked me to move to Minneapolis, so I did, I recorded my album with him.

Do you like Minneapolis? It's a great town.
It's a little cold, I don't like the cold weather.

Isn't it interesting that Prince lives in Minneapolis?
I know!

They then talked about Carmen's appearance in Playboy [USA, May 1996], and Carmen explained how her family was very supportive of that.


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