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- Witches, IPOs and Flying -

On Charmed, Phoebe can see the future. What ability would you want?
"I was one of those kids who had dreams they were flying. It was the best feeling in the world."

Do you get a lot of fan mail from people who are into witchcraft?
"The show does. The religions that held up 50 years ago don't really hold up for the younger kids today. They want something new to believe in."

What do you believe in?
"I believe in everything. I was raised Catholic, but now I'm more Buddhist. But I don't practice anything specifically."

You still have savings from your Who's the Boss? days. Do you play the market?
"No. But I want to start. I think I'd get so addicted to it. It'd be horrible."

Any IPOs you're bummed you missed?
"MP3. I told [a friend] to buy it a while ago. He made $10,000 the first three days he had it."

Maybe you should be a stockbroker.
"Yeah. [Laughs.] But I'm dyslexic, so I don't know how good that would be!"


- Maxim Magazine Interview -

On growing up on "Who's the Boss":
"When I started developing, they wrote an episode called 'Sam's First Bra.' The writers were like, 'Okay, she's 13 and she has boobies now. We better address this issue.' And that was hell for me! I mean it's hard enough going through puberty by yourself, but to do it in front of millions of people!"

On her tattoos:
"I have five. Rosary beads on my back, a vine of flowers on my right ankle, an angel holding a cross with my ex-fiance's initials SRW---which now means 'Single Rad Woman'---on my left ankle, a fairy on my stomach, and a big sacred heart on my lower back. I've always gotten them at times when I was sad about something... relationship problems or the fact that it had rained every day for a month. But I've always thought they were really beautiful."

On being single:
"I've talked about being single so much in the press that it has become my thing. And now I'm getting thousands of proposals on my E-mail every day. But it's funny. I meet some of the most amazing, successful women, 21-35 years old, and they're all in the same boat. So it may have something to do with men's inability to deal with us."

On her Melrose Place character:
"My character isn't really bad. She just doesn't have a mental editing process. She says exactly what's on her mind, like, 'That outfit is horrible! Why did you put that on? I'm worried about you.' And the thing is, she really cares! But it's a great acting exercise. Truthfully, anyone can be good in an Ang Lee film, but if you can pull off an episode of Melrose Place, you've got talent!"

On the success of Melrose Place:
"I don't mean any disrespect to the guys by this, but it's a show that's run by women. The men are the bimbos. The women are the ones who have the companies and dominate the relationships, which I think is an interesting twist."


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