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Tara Reid was always on the verge. She was on Saved By the Bell - but, she was on the second class, just missing the Elizabeth Berkley and Tiffani Amber-Theissen days. She was in the hit horror film Urban Legends - but she got killed off and Rebecca Gayheart garnered the accolades. She was in the runaway success Cruel Intentions - as one of Ryan Phillippe's first victims. But, finally, in 1999 she grabbed the acclaim she deserves in a little film called American Pie.

Tara was born in Wyckoff, New Jersey on November 8, 1975. She jumped into the acting world quite early, at six, when she appeared on a children's game show called Child's Play. Her cute smile grabbed her a number of commercial roles, including Jell-O, McDonald's, and Crayola.

Tara didn't stop there, and decided to make acting a career goal. She attended the highly prestigious Professional Children's School in New York City. Her classmates included Sarah Michelle Gellar, Jerry O'Connell, Macualay Culkin, and Ben Taylor. A number of good, but not good enough, roles followed, most notably the Saved By the Bell, Urban Legends, and Cruel Intention roles. But, Tara also had a role in a film called Girl. The independent film went absolutely nowhere at the box office, but Tara's performance was incredible - as was her costar Dominique Swain.

But in the summer of 1999, Tara finally took off. A film that centered around high school and sex, that featured a number of unforgettable scenes struck a chord with teenagers everywhere. The film's box office success tossed it's players into the spotlight and created such a buzz that not a one of the actors from the film has a second to spare these days.

Tara's brother Tommy is also in the entertainment industry and has his own production company. Off the screen, Tara is rumored to be dating MTV VJ Carson Daly (who once dated Jennifer Love Hewitt).

"At the end of a movie, all my outfits are missing. They even call: 'Tara, those were $700 shoes.' What are they going to do, search my house?"

"I can make a scene that's not supposed to be sexy, very sexy. It's a power you're born with. It's not a physical thing, it comes from inside. It's all in the eyes."

"I don't like the typical good-looking guy. I know this sounds ridiculous, but I like guys with love handles. When he doesn't care 100 percent about his body, I don't have to obsess about mine. I hate a washboard stomach-does not turn me on."

"I hate being tickled. Sure, it makes me laugh, but when I get tickled, I get pissed off. I'm like a monkey when I get tickled - woo-hoo! "

"I just started making Bloody Marys. I always thought they looked gross, then I tasted one. There's an art to it, from the Tabasco to the Worcestershire."

"I know this sounds ridiculous, but I like guys with love handles. I hate a washboard stomach - that does not turn me on."

"I like when a guy makes me feel like a woman and a little girl at the same time."

"I'm more of a jeans and T-shirt kind of girl."

"I'm not perfect, I do drink. I do smoke. Carson [Carson Daly] can't go out and get messed up, he can't smoke in front of kids - he's the face of MTV, and he has to be good. But me? I can."

"Slasher movies are fun. You watch yourself get chopped to pieces, yet you're still alive. You see the blood on the ax and think, Holy **it, this is sick, but you kind of get over your fear of death."

"If Carson was an actor, he'd understand why I have to be away on sets and that if I have to kiss another guy in a movie, I do it. He'd read the tabloids that I was with Ashton Kutcher, but that was a bunch of bull. Then, I started reading he was with a stripper, and that wasn't true. You start tripping on each other for no reason. It makes you crazy." - about part of why she and ex-fiancéé MTV VJ Carson Daly split up.

"It would be the ultimate dream for me to win an Academy Award, be in love and have kids. Then I would say, 'Life is great! I have done everything I wanted.' I keep trying to get closer to that. I also think when that happens, people will finally leave me alone."

"Once you get to know me, you would know in a second that I am an East Coast girl. You can tell because I'm not flaky, and I will tell you how it is. I also walk faster than they walk in L.A."

"People think I am America's party girl, which is just stupid. I have done 24 movies and I am creating my own TV show."

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