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Starred as singer Enrique Iglesias' love interest in the video for his third American single, "Be With You."

Shannon grew up in Waco, Texas.

Shannon is part Syrian.

July 1999 - Shannon lives with Joseph D. Reitman.

She lives with her 8 dogs.

She is a big fan of Prodigy and Garth Brooks.

Shannon is the spokesperson for Nautica Jeans.

Shannon is one of the hardest people to get an autograph from and she won't sign any American Pie stuff.

She loves to dance and sing beside acting.

Her first commercial is for Taco Bell.

Appeared in a Playboy magazine layout shortly after filming American Pie (1999).

She was very interested in tennis and once considered making tennis her life.

Engaged to Joseph D. Reitman with plans to marry in Summer 2001.

Shannon Elizabeth was nominated for Breakthrough Female Performance for American Pie at MTV Movie Award in 2000.

Shannon lives with Joseph D. Reitman. They have five dogs. [July 1999]

Is an avid animal lover, supporting numerous charities.

Shannon Elizabeth is well trained in Krav Maga - the Israeli hand-to-hand combat system. She trained at the Krav Maga National Training Center in Los Angeles for her role in Tomcats, and she continues to train ever since.

Voted the 8th Sexiest Female Movie Star in the Australian Empire Magazine September 2002.

Mentioned in Bowling For Soup's extended version of "Ohio (Come Back To Texas)".

A big fan of the Boston Red Sox.


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