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- TV Guide -
(Party of 5 & General Questions)

Welcome, Jennifer. How was your trip?
Jennifer Love Hewitt: It was good, very good.

Even with all the delays due to the air-traffic control problem?
Sure. My day was great compared to those air-traffic controllers who had the ceiling fall in their morning coffee.

I am really looking forward to seeing your movie on Friday. Was it scary making a feature film for a change, especially a horror film?
It was very scary making a movie 'cause the movie is very scary, because I had to spend time running from the bad guys. I hope people will see the movie on Friday.

Do you have any more movies planned for the future?
I am starting a new film on Friday.

I saw the movie. You did a great job. Do you think Kevin could write your character Julie into the Scream 3 screenplay? I think that would be awesome.
Thank you for the comment... I think... somehow I think Julie wouldn't fit into that movie. I think she belongs in her summer flick.

How long you have been pursuing a singing career.
I've been singing since I was 6.

What was the first show you ever appeared in?
The first show I ever appearing in was Disney Inc., and I was on that show for about three years.

How do you balance school and your acting?
I actually just graduated high school.

What did you find the best about the movie?
My favorite things about the movie. It's really a great fun ride. First you feel hurt, then scared, then terrified.

What are the best and worst parts of filming a horror film?
Um, the best parts about filming a horror film. The best part was working for the great cast. The worst part was that it was hard to separate what was real sometimes. And I got scared a lot.

Do you follow any sports? Who are your favorite athletes?
My two favorite sports are hockey and boxing. No favorite team. My two favorite boxers are Sugar Ray Leonard and de la Hoya.

How does it feel to be busy with acting all of the time and do you get much of a social and personality life?
Its really great to be busy. Fortunately, I love what I do. I enjoy it; of course I get tired sometimes. I do have times for a personal life. I have a boyfriend. My week is crammed with work stuff.

Jennifer, whatever happened to Byrds of Paadise? And also I want to ask if you and Bailey will get married on Party??
Byrds of Paradise was canceled after the first season. I'm not sure why. We think it was because of the cost. It is airing on the Family Channel on Sundays. They have to get back together before they can get married.

If you could work with anyone, who would it be???
I would love to work with Winona Ryder or Johnny Depp or Meg Ryan.

Because Winona Ryder has always been one of my favorite actresses. Johnny Depp is a chameleon and to be around an actor like that would be a privelege.

Is your new movie based on a book? If so, who is the author?
It is based on a book, I believe from the '80s -- I Know What You Did Last Summer, by Lois Duncan.

What do you like doing better, TV or movies?
I really like doing the features, but I really like Party of Five, so it's hard to say which I like more.

You normally go on the Internet?
I'd like to, but I don't have much time to spend with computers.

Do you prefer to be called "Love" or "Jennifer"?
Most of my friends call me "Love."

Do you write poetry? If so, could we hear some?
I love writing poetry! I've been writing since I was 13.

Do you have a favorite episode?
Probably the Episode #4, where Sarah and Bailey got together.

Of your many diverse and considerable talents, you could excel in several different types of entertainment and the media. Which one would you like to spend the most time perfecting? Music, acting, "hosting"?
I like to spend my time perfecting all three. I do it all, and I don't plan on doing just one or the other.

Do you think stardom has changed you at all as a person?
I don't consider stardom to be anything related with me. I hope that the only way this business will ever change me will be a good life.

Favorite band?
Right now one of my favorite bands is Matchbox 20.

I heard that you play the guitar, is that true?
I have a guitar and I am getting ready to learn how to play it.

Describe your dream date.
It would be to go with my boyfriend on two horses, to a remote park or beach, lay out a blanket, and have a fancy picnic and then go swimming in a hot spring.

Are you anything like Sara, from Party of Five?
Very much so. but she is a lot smarter.

What is Jennifer's most embarrassing moment?
I was performing in Florida, for the FOX Holloween bash, and realized that I did my entire performance with a hole in the crotch area of my pants.

Is it true that you went to a senior prom down here in Hawaii?
Yes, it is true. With Kirk Nakama.

How did that come about?
He was an extra on the show Birds of Paradise. He found out I was from Texas and send me a dozen yellow roses and asked me to be his date for the prom.

Do you have any brothers and sisters?
I have a brother who is 26. His name is Todd.


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